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Moving to a new host and a new website!

Cattleclyzm, Jul 16, 10 7:40 PM.
RUNWW moving to a new url with a new website:

Website isn't 100% done yet but if you are interested in applying you should do it there. I will close down the application part on this site any day now so if you apply here your application will be ignored.

Cya all on

Professor Putricide & Sindragosa: KILLED

Cattleclyzm, Jun 27, 10 6:26 PM.
Finally we managed to nail the (only) hard encounters on heroic 25 man.Sindragosa went down pretty smooth on wednesdays raid and Putricide bite the dust on sundays raid. Sindragosa has been a block for us quite a while, troubles getting raids going due to summer and many unlucky 1-4% wipes. With the 25% buff out we managed to kill it pretty easy though.

<RUNWW> is now 11/12 in ICC 25 Heroic which we feel VERY happy about considering the ammount of raids we do. Having only one progressraid / week has been hard to progress with but instead of burning people out with raids every day we have managed to stay together for quite a while now. We havent lost many players, not a single one due to lack of progress. Few people have gotten tired of WoW but all-in-all we are very happy of what we have achieved. We still see ourselfs as a fairly young guild - The real potential of this guild will show in Cataclysm.

Lich King Heroic 25 man will probably have to wait since we really don't have the time to pull that off. We'll keep farming ICC Heroic and see what Ruby Sanctum will bring us, hopefully we'll have some nice wipenights there with a nice challenge for us!

Last of all I want to thank everyone for their tremendous effort in ICC, especially those that have been with us since the start and an extra thanks to the ones of you that have managed to come for pretty much every raid to help us achieve this, but also a big thank you to our latest additions.

Make sure you check back in for next week to see if we have some updates for our Ruby Sanctum adventure and hopefully Fueled will get his last shadowfrost shards for ze legendary weapon!


Cattleclyzm, Jun 7, 10 11:51 AM.
Summers here, expansion is around the corner. We need to expand a bit for the summer, not gonna recruit some summer reserves, we are looking for people that wants to be core players for us for a long time to come and that wants to take the step into Cata with us.

Currently Recruiting:

LOW = Accepting exceptionally geared and skilled players.
MEDIUM = Accepting very good geared and experienced
HIGH = Might be willing to gear you up if your CV matches our demands.

Druid  Balance - HIGH
Paladin Retribution - HIGH
Warlock  -  LOW

(Vendra, Mizukii, Epion & Ethiä)

Small Update

Cattleclyzm, May 7, 10 5:31 AM.
Saurfang, Rotface & Festergut 25 Man Heroic is now on farm I dare to say. We managed to kill them all within a few hours of attempts - this being our first real heroic progress week and we already have 6 bosses down. With Blood Queen, Marrowgar & Gunship down before we even attempted Lich King for real. Cheat we knowz!

On sunday we're attempting Dreamwalker, stay tuned for more info and killshots!

Saurfang: Killed         Dreamwalker: Killed            Rotface: Killed          Festergut: Killed


Blood Prince Council & Dreamwalker: KILLED 2010-05-09
Lady Deathwisper: KILLED 2010-05-28 (Carried by 20% buff)

Lich King 25 - Oneshot

Cattleclyzm, May 2, 10 4:14 PM.
This was such a huge relief for all of us, finally... Using a strict and casual raiding schedule have punished us when it comes to real progress raids. We've had troubles getting the last few pieces (good recruits) to finally nail a Lich King kill. Last few weeks though have been very positive for us as we've got some very good players that are <RUNWW> standard.
With those last pieces in the puzzle we went to do our first real progress raid on Lich King:

Result = One shot.

Disc Priest POV - Lich King 25

Not that I want to brag or anything but this guild is way too good to have not killed Lich King, man it feels good to have finally done it. On our previous wednesdays raid we also managed to get 3/12 on heroic 25 man.
On our next wednesday raid Rotface and Festergut should be down also and all of a sudden we're on a very nice progress considering our raiding schedule.

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